Thursday, August 20, 2015

Got rid of int arrays in H264Encoder

Got 20% increase in performance on my Intel Mac. commit


  1. Great stuff man, really appreciate your work with jcodec, been using it for a while for an Android app of mine.

    I was wondering, is there functionality to mux together an MP4 file (generated by jcodec) and an AAC file (with ADTS headers) into one file? I can't find anything in the samples about this.

  2. Or even better, is it possible to add a TrackType.SOUND FramesMP4Muxer to my MP4Muxer and add each ADTS packet to it? I just tried and it simply failed quietly.

    I took the AAC file, read each ADTS header to get the frameLength, stripped off its 7 bytes (the ADTS header) and added frameLength number of bytes to the track until the end of the AAC file was reached.

    Do I need to use the H264Utils class anywhere (encodeMOVPacket, etc) with the AAC data because I'm not - or is this not even possible?

  3. Hi! Thanks for the interest. I've got requests to support muxing of video and audio. Just haven't gotten around to do this.
    If possible, could you post your sample code and test files to make it a little bit easier for me to get the right setup?
    Also, could you open a bug on github and attach everything to it?
    I will update the bug so you can track progress.